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Bridging the Gap Mentoring Programme

Bridging the Gap connects law students in their penultimate and final years to mentors already within the professional world. Fostering a connection to provide insight, personal and professional advice into the working world and the transition between being a student and becoming a working professional.


As a part of the programme, mentors and mentees will be invited to partake in networking events and workplace tours. This helps foster wider connections from all areas of the profession. 

We really encourage lawyers who have entered into niche specialties or followed unique career pathways to apply to be mentors. It is super valuable for the students to hear about all options they have when joining the profession. 

BTG has been a huge success, to both mentors and mentees. For Mentees and mentors, it’s an opportunity to meet new people. For mentors, it’s a fantastic means to give back to the community. It is not a huge effort to partake in as mentorships are individually tailored by the mentee/mentor pair themselves, giving you the perfect opportunity to make whatever you want of it for yourselves! 

Applications for the 2021 programme have now closed. 


For further information, please contact: 

For mentors:

For students:

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