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Careers Seminar

This seminar is focused on providing advice on different career pathways for new lawyers. It is an opportunity to hear about personal experiences of looking for new opportunities and alternative ways of building a career in law.

In July 2021, we hosted "BTG Careers Seminar:  Where law can take you"  about the various directions your law career can go. The speakers included:

Madeleine Laracy - Deputy Solicitor-General
Catherine Ure - Crown Counsel (Criminal Group)
Golriz Ghahraman - Member of Parliament and Human Rights Lawyer
Steph Alexander - Solicitor at Te Aro Law and legal aid provider

In 2020, we hosted a "Where to Next - Careers Seminar" featuring a panel of speakers with experience in recruitment. The speakers included Damian Hanna from Inside Recruitment, Joe Mara from Crown Law and Sarah Taylor from LOD Legal. The panel spoke about opportunities and advice for junior lawyers in the current market, well-being during these challenging times and the rise of flexible working.

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