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What is Profs?

To get admitted as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand, a person must complete a Professional Legal Studies Course. The Professional Legal Studies Course (Profs) is a structured training programme designed to help you develop the practical, day-to-day skills you will need as an entry-level lawyer. There are two schools in New Zealand that provide Profs: the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) of College of Law (COL).

When can you do Profs?

In order to start profs, you must, or will by the commencement date, have completed all the requirements of you university to be eligible for an LLB by the commencement date. You are not required to have your final grades or have formally graduated to start your Profs.

Where can you do Profs?

Both IPLS and COL offer 100% online or a mix of online and in-person Profs course. For both schools, the in-person options are based in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Wellington. IPLS also offers a 100% in-person course in Auckland and Wellington.

How long is Profs?

The length of your course depends on which course you select. For both schools, you can choose between a 13 week full-time course and an 18 week part-time course. Both the full-time and part-time courses can be down online or in-persons. The full-time course is the equivalent of 37 hours per week and the part-time course is the equivalent of 27 hours per week.

Course dates

There are many courses held throughout the year.

Check out IPLS’ course list here:

Check out COL’s course list here:

What do the courses cover?

Both courses are targeting practical legal skills. The courses cover the following:











Problem Solving

Negotiation & Mediation

Interviewing & Advising

Law Office Management

Drafting for Advocacy & Research

Trial Preparation


Interviewing and Advising
Negotiation and Mediation
Civil Litigation

Elective one of: Corporate, Family Law, In-house practice or Criminal Law

Fees and Payment

Profs is approved for student loans and allowances through Study link. Full payment is due prior to the commencement of your intake.

The fees for each school are:

$5,547.10 for NZ citizens and permanent residents

$6,300.00 for international students

$5,815 for NZ citizens and permanent residents

$7,252 for international students

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